Alabama Drone Services was founded in Tuscaloosa with this specific goal in mind:  provide customers with exceptional aerial photography, videography and mapping solutions.

our approach

we believe in delivering  unique and customized video, photo and mapping solutions for each and every client.

Each company is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you--your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

Here's what makes Alabama Drone Services your best choice for aerial drone services:

Smooth Camera Footage - Guaranteed.  A 3-axis gimbal system keeps our drone's camera level. Your videos will come out smooth and level every time.

Cutting Edge Mapping Software.  By employing the latest generation of drones and cloud-based image processing, we're able to put professional-quality aerial imagery into our client's hands in a way that is faster and more cost-effective than ever before

Experience. We're experts at flying and filming smoothly, and our portfolio is incredibly diverse. We challenge you to challenge us.

Insured. We know being protected is important, and our insurance gives all parties peace of mind.

Legal. Our drone pilot is licensed/certified for small UAS operations under FAA Part 107.

Quality. Up to 4K Ultra-High Definition is available - that's 4x as crisp as 'regular' 1080p High Definition.

GPS Stability. Our drone combines up to 36 GPS signals with an optical sensor to hold location and altitude - think of this as an autopilot. This means that we can focus on capturing the shot instead of battling wind. 

Long Battery Life. The batteries in our drones deliver up to 25 minutes flight time. Though we carry additional batteries, this relatively long flight time allows our drones to complete long missions without interruption, thus preserving resources such as time and money.

High and Fast. During calm winds, our drones can reach up to 45mph. Height limits vary depending on location, but the FAA currently prohibits drone flight that exceeds 400 feet above the ground. 

We Deliver. Video and photo can be in raw form, or we can edit and finalize the material for you. We'll deliver your media via any medium you'd like, including DVD, flash drive, YouTube, or hard drive. 

Alabama Drone Services can film, photograph or map just about anything you need. Some examples include hotels and resorts, golf courses, wineries and vineyards, mobile home parks and campsites, car dealerships, water sports, real estate and property, apartment complexes, sporting events, cars & boats for sale, concerts, and even infrastructure inspections. 

We can work with practically any budget, so please reach out to us by calling/texting 504.224.1950 or via email.  Whether you require Alabama Drone Services or you need it elsewhere, don't worry. If we can't help you, we will refer you to someone who can!  

who we are

about drones

Drones can be very dangerous if flown with bad judgement, and though one does not need a license, the knowledge and thinking patterns learned through training definitely can make the difference between pushing the limits for a shot and going to far.